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Mark Stevens, Mike Finney, Jay Marshall and Jim Tyler

Steve Martin

Mark Wilson

Martin Lewis

Billy McComb


Channing Pollock


"You held our guests spellbound with your hilarious comedy magical entertainment! The performance was simply fantastic and perfect for this historic event."
Mrs. Cynthia Grub, Entertainment Director Presidential Inaugural Committee

"Tom's Show (2 weeks later) is still being talked about through out the company!"
Michael W. Potter, 3M Corporation

"Tom, you are terrific! Everyone at the Presidents Dinner was absolutely dazzled and delighted by your performance!"
Marcia Holston, Kansas Bar Association

"The response from Tom's Show was so tremendous that we immediately extended his contract!"
Mike Messina, Scandinavian World Cruise Lines

"Tom's lightning banter and far-out props are hilarious!"

What other Magicians say:
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"Burgoon had me crying, He's Hot!"
Doc Eason

"Burgoon is just one of the funniest guys performing today."
The Linking Ring

"Tom's mix of humor and props is hilarious!"
Mac King

"You have a hilarious comedy act!"
George Schlinder

"One of the funniest comic magicians to ever work the Magic Castle!"
Ron Wilson

"Mr. Burgoon absolutely cracked me up!"
Bob Read

"I haven't laughed at a magic show in a long time! Burgoon is Great!"
The Amazing Johnathan

"Tom Burgoon is Great! He was the Highlight of our last Magic Castle visit."
Glenn Falkenstein & Francis Willard

"Tom Burgoon is hilarious!"
Steve Martin

"Tom's Comedy Magic really had Nani and I Laughing! He is definitely on the road to Magical Stardom!"
Mark Wilson

"Tom Burgoon is one FUNNY Magician!"
Norm Nielson

"Tom never fails to crack me up!"
Martin Lewis

"Tom's recent performances at the Magic Castle were nothing less than brilliant."
Jules Lenier, Genii Magazine

"Tom Burgoon does some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen!"
Billy McComb

"Burgoon's style is very cool!"
Jeff McBride

"Tom Burgoon is Hilarious and Creative! It's a Wonderful Combination!"
Daryl Martinez

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Recent Audiences:

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

The Kansas Bar Association

The Kauffman Foundation

Missouri Department of Economic Development

Missouri Judges Association

National Management Association

Public Relations Society of America

Scandinavian World Cruise Lines